The ideology is destructive

Critical race theory is an ideology which divides people into groups based on the color of their skin. All white people are told they are racist oppressors, white supremacists. That America was founded on racism and every institution is irredeemably racist. All Black people are told they are victims of white oppression. White males are considered the worst oppressors, just by virtue of their gender and color.

This ideology has been recommended by President Biden, and is now required in the military and other branches of government. It is being taught in many school districts to school-age children, even though school districts sometimes deny it, or call it by a different name, such as equity or diversity training. Many people haven’t even heard of it, and the mainstream press has kept it that way, all the while accusing other groups of “misinformation.” Some leftists have called it “critical thinking skills,” but CRT has nothing to do with critical thinking.

Labeling people as guilty because of the color of their skin is a destructive thing to do to anyone, especially a school child. Labeling a person as a victim, whose potential is lowered by the color of their skin is destructive also. Yet that is happening to huge numbers of school children. I’m grateful that most Idaho state legislators voted to outlaw CRT from being taught in Idaho. (Also it is against the Idaho Constitution.)

Lois Johnston


A thank you

Thank you, Andrew Crapuchettes. When you walked into our offices in the University of Idaho Incubator 21 years ago to fix the only printer for our 2-man fledgling company, CCbenefits, it turned out to be a very good day.

You only looked at the printer and it magically fixed itself. You lingered and then offered to redo the website we had painstakingly paid a developer for over several months, and you did it in less than a day. The rest is history. You went from printer repairman to CEO in just four short years, CCbenefits became Emsi and we now employ just shy of 300 people, most of them in Moscow.

It was a great illustration of inventors/founder joining forces with someone who knows business to create something that makes a difference. Emsi is now a dominant player of the Moscow economy, and that has made our community so much better. That was always your vision. We’re looking forward to your next chapter and, in our retired status, we are excited about the prospects that holds for Moscow in the years to come.

Kjell Christophersen and Hank Robison

Emsi founders

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