A ‘thank you’ to columnist

I always enjoy Jeanne Leffingwell’s “Lightening Up” columns. Her last one was particularly fascinating as she moved from room to room finding huge projects and finishing them on the spot. It was so inspiring I decided to try it. Here is what I did:

I started in the living room where I was sitting and reading her column. I found a pair of shoes that did not belong so I carried them to the bedroom closet. Finding yesterday’s clothes in the bedroom, I carried them to the hamper in the laundry room, where I found a stack of clean towels which I carried to the bathroom and put them away.

While I was there, I remembered I hadn’t taken my morning pills, so I did that and decided to take my noon pills to the dining room table so I wouldn’t forget them. I cleared the breakfast stuff off the dining room table and carried that to the kitchen, where I loaded the dishwasher and wiped off the counter. There was a stack of mail on the kitchen counter which I took to my desk. There I found another pair of shoes that didn’t belong and took them to the bedroom, where I noticed I hadn’t yet made my bed. So I climbed in and took a nap. Thank you, Jeanne.

Helen Wootton


Drive-in movies appreciated

It has been a time of self-quarantine without libraries or Major League Baseball. Entertainment has been limited to our homes.

The Kibbie Dome parking lot drive-in movies have been a welcome diversion. It has been 55 years since I have been to a drive-in, the young people attending have never been to one. I looked forward to the weekend movie all week.

It was a wonderful, creative diversion. Kudos to those who made it possible: City of Moscow, CocaCola, Kenworthy Performing Arts Center, FM station 87.9 who broadcast the audio, Tammy’s Alliance LLC, United Rentals, University of Idaho Administration Operations, Dining Services, Parking and Transportation and Vandal Entertainment VVE.

Martha Hunt


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