We all want change

Scotty Anderson, in his May 28 column, suggested hardening schools as a response to school shootings. Texas has already put a lot of money into hardening their schools, but Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani, professor of public health at New Mexico State University who studies school security practices and their effectiveness, said “this concept of hardening, the more it has been done, it has not shown the results.” Putting money into providing more school counselors and mental health facilities would likely be more beneficial.

Anderson also said Democrats are acting out of emotion demanding changes. But we all, conservatives and liberals, love our children and want changes made to keep them safe. A Politico/Morning consult poll released last week demonstrated a “huge support” for gun regulations. Of voters, 88% of strongly or somewhat support background checks on all gun sales, 84% support preventing gun sales to people who have been reported to police as dangerous by a mental health provider, 77% support requiring guns to be stored in a safe storage unit, 75% approve of a national database for gun sales and 67% of approve of banning assault style weapons like the AR-15.

Many politicians are influenced by lobbyists and campaign donations from those who make money producing and promoting weapons, which in turn, keeps those politicians from representing us — everyday citizens, including many responsible gun owners, who want them to make constructive changes.

Terri Schmidt


Common sense about drilling

Common sense is defined as the sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

The United States is a petroleum-based nation. Of all vehicles, 90% run on petroleum. Want to end inflation? Start drilling. Want to punish Russia for Ukraine? Start drilling. Research more efficient electric vehicles? Start drilling. Common sense.

Kirk Koefod


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