The importance of critical race theory

It is obvious where Lois Johnston is getting most of her news. The only group causing division with critical race theory is the Republican noise machine led by the likes of Fox News. Mrs. Johnston does not realize critical race theory is designed to look at why there continues to be systematic discrimination and racism in our society and seeks to present solutions to resolve those issues going forward. It is not about putting a guilt trip on the predominant race or stoking anger among the minority races. It is about the resolution of past issues.

I invite Mrs. Johnston to read “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America,” by Richard Rothstein. Mrs. Johnston, no doubt, will admit there was some housing discrimination in a number of cities up until recently, but I think she would be surprised to hear it happened all across America when African American veterans were denied Veterans Administration education and housing benefits up until the mid 70s.

Moreover, programs like critical race theory have revealed the history of Greenwood in Tulsa, Okla., a horrendous episode our standard primary and secondary history books conveniently overlooked. However, there were at least 25 other Black massacres our history books also forget to mention, to say nothing about other racial massacres throughout our history. Let’s not forget the recent discovery of unmarked graves at former residential schools not only in Canada but also I bet in the United States. Or the forced relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II.

We cannot undo these terrible moments in our history, but we can learn from them so we do not repeat them ever again. That is the point of critical race theory.

Wayne Bebee


Grossly inaccurate, and harmful

The Daily News occasionally publishes letters to the editor that contain grossly inaccurate and misleading comments. This is not helping our divided country. Lois Johnston’s statements on critical race theory are wrong and harmful.

Critical race theory is a scholarly endeavor that provides us with a roadmap to understand how practices and policies have contributed to social problems. It includes information that is painful. White people lynched, redlined and poisoned nonwhite people. We have whitewashed our history for the ultimate cancel culture intended to make white people look good/just/superior. A lie of omission.

We would certainly be critical of German citizens if they neglected to include information about the Holocaust in their history curriculum. Historically accurate information about the treatment of Blacks, First People, Latinx and Asian peoples in the U.S. must be included in our history books and our daily discussions if we ever hope to achieve equity.

Critical race theory is not taught to “huge numbers of school children” as Johnston states. Some law schools include it in their curriculum. The U.S. military includes race theory in their training (see recent comments on critical race theory by Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and they did so well before Biden became president.

We have neglected past injustices far too long. We are wise to embrace the complete history, learn from our successes and mistakes, and correct our behavior so that perhaps one day we attain liberty and justice for all.

Trish Hartzell


Why is the grass greener?

Why should the home owners of Pullman conserve water when the university has the greenest lawns around. Washington State University housing has several complexes and also golf course quality lawns. DABCO also has lots of green lawns on all their properties. I see lots of brown grass in the residential areas and also lots of green grass. How much water do they use to keep all that inedible grass green? I understand wanting a lush lawn and I like to have a little myself once in a while but there is a drought called summer right now and a little is enough for me.

Douglas Martin


Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

Are we gullible, Idahoans? The “task force” would have us believe:

— Teachers indoctrinate (blind acceptance) children with “lurking, Insidious” communist, marxist teachings.

— Indoctrination is wrong, yet these conspiracists ask us to believe their hearsay without evidence.

— Children should not learn the “left” way but should learn the “right” way.

— Critical thinking, social justice and diversity are evil and will corrupt our children.

— Witch hunting is OK in Idaho, driving away good teachers and administrators, as though we haven’t lost a ton already.

— Our children are not worthy of a good education starting early and ending in higher ed.

It’s OK. Idaho is the 50th state in funding education, but has lots of money to defend unconstitutional laws and witch hunts.

My guess is, if we were to track bills introduced in legislations around the country, Koch, Heritage Foundation, ALEC, etc. would be feeding extreme right bills into sycophantic groups like Idaho Freedom Foundation who then, with tons of money, feed them into gullible legislators, threatening them with their index.

And what’s behind all of this — privatization of education?

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Lois Morgan


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