Patriots don’t commit treason

I would like to know if Lucky Brandt from Kooskia, whose letter appeared in the May 28 paper, would have supported the 2012 presidential election being canceled and “we” just giving President Barack Obama another 4 years. I think I, and the readers, know the answer.

In the future, I hope the Daily News refrains from publishing letters that advocate the elimination of democratic elections in this country. People who advocate that are committing treason. Patriots believe every citizen should have a vote.

Jeremy Rosenman


A bad week in America

This has been a very bad week in the United States of America, the worst since September 2001. Too many calamities to list, but perfect timing for (letter writer) Lucky Brandt to propose that we just reappoint the most corrupt, incompetent president in the country’s history to another term without an election. If Trump is reelected, and that is a big “if” right now, at least the country will get what it deserves.

The only thing this country has going for it right now is that people from overseas still want to move here to improve their lives, and this country, by working and starting small businesses. Of course, Trump is opposed to that.

George Branson


Benefits outweigh objections

Simon Smith’s letter (May 27) provides details about how much money Pullman saves by converting to LED streetlights (half a million in annual operating costs, 40- to 50-percent reduction in electricity costs). Do I like LED lights? No, because they are so bright (another pollution), but the benefits outweigh the objections. Do I like the sight of wind farms on the desert horizons? No, but there are a lot worse sights. I particularly rue the coal-burning Four Corners Power Plant in New Mexico, close to Chaco Canyon National Monument, a region of ruins of a thriving civilization done in by drought, famine, and conflict.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR763) means fossil fuel producers pay a tax on the amount of carbon released when burned. Then they’ll raise prices, and I’ll have to pay more for gas. But the increased costs to the fossil fuel industry will result in huge opportunities for innovation in sustainable energy technology. The dividend means I get a cash rebate. And I will spend that money at local businesses like I did my virus check. We need to use these tools — a carbon tax, cash payments, and innovation — to slow global warming, a threat-multiplier, grandparent of pandemics, parent of famine and war.

Siberians are enjoying 80-degree weather. The carbon-rich permafrost is melting, stored carbon is being released, and when the ground dries, it burns; Siberia is on fire now. According to a map by Weather Outlook, Idaho is in the center of a “much above average” red zone of summer 2020 temperatures. Another bad fire season.

Contact Idaho senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch or Washington senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray and ask them to act on climate change. They could start by joining the bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus.

Diana Armstrong


Sad, perplexed and angry

As our “official” death toll surpasses 100,000, I find it difficult to understand why we are not widely mourning these deaths and mad as hell about them. Because of our failure to institute a systematic national testing program, it is likely thousands of Americans needlessly died. Similarly, a recent study strongly suggests that if we had started a stay at home and social distancing program one week earlier, 36,000 lives would have been saved! This makes me furious! How about you?

As a nation, we have failed and continue to fail in our efforts to deal with the coronavirus and COVID-19. We did nothing for months while the virus spread across the country and then exploded. Now after two months staying at home, we are rushing to beaches, stores, bars, restaurants and places of worship without masks or social distancing as if the virus is magically gone. Believe it or not, I am often the Pollyanna-optimist in the group, but now I must be the Casandra in the crowd. Stop! If we continue this pattern of behavior, we will again kill thousands of Americans.

Given our lack of leadership at the federal level, we must all step up and do our duty to keep one another safe and healthy. It is possible to open our economy safely, but we must believe the science and follow best practices. Wear that annoying mask, observe social distancing and take care of your family, friends and be kind to the rest of us.

Tom Brigham


Taught compassion, sympathy

The violent death of George Floyd has left us all in extreme sadness and disbelief. A senseless action by a police officer to restrain someone has resulted in a meaningless death. It is police brutality. His death comes six years after Eric Garner, who struggled to say the same last words, “I cannot breathe.”

Islam teaches me compassion and sympathy for all humans and the elimination of boundaries between us that create division and hostility. When we uphold law and justice in society, we eliminate these boundaries between us. But justice must be absolute and cover every sphere, including social, racial and economical.

We must read and understand our history as it will help us see the root cause of the problem, which is the systemic racism in our society. We must recognize that we are equal in the sight of the law, be it the law of our nation or the one given to us by our Creator. We must also raise our voice against the injustices against the African-American communities as our Pullman and Moscow neighbors have done.

I urge the politicians, policymakers and lawmakers of our country to work swiftly but sensibly to create and implement laws that protect the lives and welfare of all people, irrespective of their color, creed or nationality. If we don’t, then we are complicit in these deaths, and the plight of racial injustice will persist in our country — resulting in tragedies like the death of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, George Floyd and others.

My family and I pray for George Floyd, and we promise never to forget him, and anyone else lost from these tragedies. May God bless their souls and help grant their families patience in these hard times. May God bless the United States of America with harmony, peace and justice.

Hidayatullah Ahsan


Rioting and the angry voices

What happened to the legitimate angry voices protesting the apparent murder of George Floyd? These legitimate protests have become planned riots organized by paid terrorists. Now I ask who is protesting for the innocent victims who have been murdered by these “protesters?” I heard about a black man, whose life matters, was weeping over having his business destroyed and robbed by “protesters.” Destroying property and businesses may mean innocent victims permanently losing their livelihoods. How is that not also destroying lives? A large majority of our law enforcement are wonderful individuals who are protecting us.

Isn’t it interesting that many of the terrorists were wearing masks? Maybe they were worried that they might get infected while they were destroying, robbing, injuring or murdering, but more than likely they were trying to conceal their identity. I am hoping that any news media or politician, who condones or supports these criminal activities, will be closed down or voted out of office.

James Fry


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