Promising chain of events

Green energy (wind, sunlight, tides, waves, geothermal) is a model of livability putting people and our planet in harmony for the 21st century and beyond.

Whether it’s dirty coal, oil or fracked gas, our dependence on fossil fuels is driving changes to the earth’s climate affecting our earth. Fossil fuel extraction is the leading cause of climate change and ocean acidification polluting and consuming the water needed for all life to survive. Coal waste is the largest source of toxic water pollution in the U. S. In addition, a study claims global warming is responsible for 37 percent of heat deaths in this country.

At a time when we need to rapidly transition to clean energy, the last thing we should do is to lock ourselves into decades of continued fossil fuel extraction keeping in mind that oil, gas and coal all have devastating impacts on our water resources and human health. The U.S. then needs to invest more in green energy than fossil fuels and make this decision soon. At least we should try implementing and improving some of these environmental approaches since some scientists think we’re close to approaching a survival mode.

Fortunately the first 100 days of Biden’s administration brought about the cancellation of the keystone pipeline, reestablished the Paris Accord agreement, and stopped oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuges reversing a chilling program approved by the Trump administration. Hopefully this chain of events protecting the environment will continue to occur.

Fred W. Rabe


Bring on the grand jury

It’s time to repeat our history, Mr. President: First, appoint a special prosecutor. Have her or his supervisor at the Department of Justice convene a grand jury.

Build the case that congressional Republicans have shirked. Issue a public report.

Benchmarks: Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox and U.S. District Judge John Sirica. Then let the chips fall where they may in November 2022.

Ronald Hufham


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