They’ve forsaken their oaths

I was greatly disturbed when news that 19 elementary school children and two teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas, by a well armed teenager and his weapon suppliers — Texas Governor Greg Abbott and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Of course, this level of sophistication cannot go unrewarded. It took Republicans years to create their own brand of indoctrination, wokeness and critical white theory.

Make no mistake, these ignorant racists’ inaction on military grade, people killers are the reason so many school kids, teachers, elderly, blacks, Jewish church goers and hundreds more are dead. Even though Cruz and Abbott didn’t physically pull the trigger, these former Republicans are responsible just the same. All because of a mistaken and foolish belief in god capitalism and their savior, the 2nd Amendment.

Abbott warrants extra credit for his 2015 remarks to duped Texan conservatives to “get with the program” and purchase more guns. Why? Because, the state of Texas is now No. 2 in gun sales behind California. Come, let us weep together.

Imagine, Texas Rangers and police outgunned and outsmarted (not difficult) by a whiny teenager. This is so sick. Texas police are as worthless as congressional Republicans.

In my opinion, Abbott, Cruz, “conservative” senators and the majority of House Republicans, are unfit. Having forsaken their Constitutional oaths, ceasing governance, paying homage to the NRA and anyone with bribe money, they have defiled the meaning of public service.

Jim Roach


We need action, not grumbling

“We all grumble about the weather, but” (dramatic pause) —but — but nothing is done about it.” This quote has been attributed to Mark Twain. But it seems to me that we can substitute the word “weather” with “gun violence.”

Can we expect that next to the COVID-19 case count we should have a gun violence death count in the newspaper? Or maybe as I hint in the beginning of the paragraph, since we react as purposefully to the gun violence in our country as we do to the weather, that the daily gun violence death toll should be placed at the back of the newspaper next to the weather statistics and forecast. Heck that might be a better idea. Just like for the weather, we can have the current gun violence death statistics and even a forecast of future gun violence statistics for the week.

And we can just continue to grumble about it.

Or perhaps our elected officials, the leaders that they are, will step up and help solve the problem and end our grumbling. If we could reduce gun violence deaths to a rare event, then there would be no need to have a daily/weekly count in the newspaper and we could refocus our energies on simply grumbling about the weather.

Lawrence Fox


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