What’s being covered up with UI situation

I have been so disappointed in the press coverage of Don Verlin’s suspension and firing. What is being covered up? What an embarrassing time for the University of Idaho. Very well plotted and carried about by an incompetent athletic director and an outgoing president. What’s with the secrecy, guys?

Where’s the emails? Who made the decision? Small men. I watched Pete Isakson take full responsibility for raising money for the new arena. Dig deeper. He has raised almost nothing compared to Spears and others. Shameful.

Cherilynne Camis


Amateur theater at its best

It’s ours for the taking. APOD Productions has just presented the greatest Palouse amateur musical in my 12 years in Moscow.

“The Pirates of Penzance” by Gilbert & Sullivan has many presentation resources to get right. The production just closing at the new Viola Community Centre nailed all of these: direction; choreography; music (they recorded their own full orchestral score to sing with); singing; casting; costumes; props; lights; character details. There were eight daughters, eight pirates, seven cops — no doubling. There were performances that stood out but this is not a review. I simply want to share with those reading this letter that something very important has happened among us — amateur theater at its very highest.

The word is already out (they turned people away at the door this weekend). They’ve been around since 2010 — but even I, who attends everything locally, was shocked to joyfully experience what they have created for the sheer love of doing it. So go to their website and add your name to their mailing list. No excuses.

Ronald Hufham


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