Larry Kirkland agrees with most climate scientists that the earth is warming. He disagrees with them about how much warming has occurred and how serious this trend is. Kirkland feels the situation is not dire enough to warrant drastic action.

But doesn’t it make sense to do something about the fires, storms, rising sea levels, and heat waves that our warming earth is experiencing, especially if there are practical, politically feasible, and economically beneficial options for doing so? Many economists and other experts from across the political spectrum agree that the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend bill that is currently before the House of Representatives offers such an approach.

After all, we buy insurance for possible catastrophes that might befall us, our homes, our cars, and our crops, even though we hope we won’t ever have to use it, because If we don’t get that insurance and we need it the consequences could be catastrophic.

Bertie Weddell


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