The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport has approximately 750 people using its services every day. Restrooms are continually monitored and maintained throughout each day.

Regarding Mr. Beebe’s letter (May 30), the rental car employee notified airport operations staff (available 24 hours each day) about a damaged faucet with the handle snapped off and water running. The damaged faucet was secured within 10 minutes and replaced within a day.

To address Mr. Cook’s letter, ride-share companies and taxis have the exact same liability insurance requirement as well as the same requirement to be licensed in the city of Pullman to operate at the airport.

The only difference is the ride-share companies pay a fee per pickup each time they enter the airport vs. an annual fee and the right to wait that is granted to the taxi operators. The fee structure is common at most commercial service airports.

The policy and agreements that the airport has with all companies is designed to create a fair market opportunity with standards of conduct to all operators. The policy is also designed to provide the traveling public the most options that are available at all other commercial service airports.

I am available to discuss either letter with the authors and explain details as necessary. We strive to provide the best transportation services to the region while also being attendant to being an efficient and responsible operation.

Tony Bean

Executive director, Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport 

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