News has surfaced of the Department of Agriculture’s directive to researchers working to adapt our food production to climate change: move yourselves and your families to Kansas by July 15 or be terminated.

USDA does not yet have office space in Kansas City, but no matter, it’s their way or the highway. Many of these projects are longitudinal and include years and years of lab work and field trials to develop strains of plants that can adapt to droughts and pests and diseases associated with changing weather pattern. ... and changes in the nutritional value and vitamin content of crops related to changes in carbon dioxide. Many other studies are crucial to food security. Sonny Perdue, current secretary of agriculture on his USDA webpage, vows that on his watch “the USDA will always be fact-based and data driven.”

What’s wrong with this picture?

We taxpayers have invested billions of dollars over decades for research projects that are at risk of being trashed because of the president’s hissy fit about climate change, and the hesitance of those who know better to stand up against his irrational demands.

These researchers have unionized and are suing to attempt to get a stay of this order, but once again much of this is flying under the radar as the press is (obsessed with) the latest juicy sex scandal.

It’s up to us to make a fuss, call your senators and representatives (main switchboard, 202-224-3121) and give them an earful. And tell them to pass it on to Secretary Perdue.

Karen Swoope


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