“Bear hunters advised to review baiting rules” read a headline recently. According to the report, Idaho is one of only 12 states that still allow bear baiting for black bear “resulting in high interest from resident and nonresident hunters.”

It takes no skill to dump rotten food in the forest and wait for animals to come to it.

Not only does it foul the woods, it’s a cowardly and lazy way to “hunt.”

There is no fairness of the chase as in traditional hunting. Just wait over a stinking pile of food and shoot.

Spring is a terrible time to kill black bears, or any bear, for that matter. Spring is when they’re coming out of hibernation, hungry, and with cubs.

Oh sure, I suppose “hunters” wait to see if cubs show up with their moms and don’t shoot those.

Cubs aren’t always with the mom when she’s out searching for food, especially when they’re tiny.

This is one of the most despicable practices ever thought up. Right up there with trapping – another cowardly, indiscriminate means of killing animals.

Susan Westervelt


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