I must respond to Scotty Anderson’s June 29 rambling, scathing column about Democrats. The more badmouthing on either side, the more divided our nation becomes. That’s just what our adversaries hope will happen. It is really to our advantage to find common ground instead.

Anderson’s statement, “People who earn their own money have no need for the government to provide for them” is ludicrous. Has he not needed fire and police departments, ambulances, public schools, veterans’ benefits, road and bridge construction, food and drug safety, etc., which are all services provided by the government? We all need these.

Anderson’s mocking criticism of the Democratic candidates’ concern that “the world will be irrevocably damaged in 12 years if we don’t take action” shows that he is out of touch with the overwhelming evidence and dire predictions by well-respected scientists and economists on both sides of the aisle.

The Republican Climate Leadership Council proposes a carbon fee and dividend plan similar to bill HR 763 that Citizens’ Climate Lobby promotes to decrease carbon emissions from fossil fuels and spur the development of renewable energy … a market-based solution to slow climate change.

On the CLC website is a reference to a new national poll by Republican pollster Frank Luntz who found 4-1 overall support for their carbon dividends plan, including 2-1 GOP support and 7-1 support from Republicans under 40. The site also has the January 2019 Wall Street Journal editorial supporting the carbon dividend plan signed by 3,554 economists, including both Republican and Democratic Nobel Laureates in Economics and former chairs of the Federal Reserve, Council of Economic Advisers, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Republicans, too, know the consequences of inaction on climate change and are taking a stand.

Mr. Anderson, more research, less ranting, please.

Kathy Dawes


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