I understand that you cultivate local folks to write columns for the Daily News, and many of these columnists write interesting pieces, but Carly Roes consistently writes breathtakingly-ignorant rants about stuff that just … doesn’t ... matter.

And she is not held to the same basic journalistic standards as any professional would be required to honor — she can just riff to her heart’s content.

This last screed was based on a right-wing website’s little joke/experiment at George Washington University, getting students to sign a petition wanting more inclusive figures in walk/don’t walk signs.

Now, this was not journalism she was drawing on — the person who claims to have carried out this experiment was Ethan Cai from the right-wing “Campus Reform” website, who may or may not have done what he claims — it’s just a video with a handful of people who could just have easily been prepared actors — but while she implies that the inclusive crosswalk signs were a serious proposal — they were not.

This was an elaborate straw-man fallacy (look that up, Ms. Roes) where Ethan Cai came up with an outrageous shtick he was able to get a few people to agree to support, so now we can all laugh at the silly open-minded people. From this, Ms. Roes creates an entirely meaningless rant trying to exaggerate tolerance for diversity into something she can ridicule. Ms. Roes cannot distinguish between a stupid prank and serious discussion of our problems with diversity and inclusion.

Daily News, you can do better than this nonsense, and Carly Roes, you could benefit from a tune-up on that “fine-tuned sense of justice.”

Paul Smith


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