The current debate in Congress among Democrats is whether to impeach Mr. Trump. I would summon a voice from the past — Lord Acton. In 1887 he wrote in a letter, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

During the past two years, 22,000 Americans have been killed by drunk drivers. The multiplier about how many people have suffered from the pain of losing a loved one is unknown, but too many. I am sure that there is considerable guilt by those who did not take the keys away from someone who was too drunk to drive.

We have a drunk in the White House with a host of enablers both Republicans and Democrats who for many reasons refuse to take the keys of power away from a person who is drunk with power. Mr. Trump has 527 days left in his term. He has already served 930 days.

During that time he has accomplished the following: Child separation at the border; used the power of the “Bully Pulpit” to denigrate Hispanics; spawned a climate — by Tweet and speech — favorable to white separatists with 382 mass shootings in 2019, 246 killed and 979 wounded; worked with Mitch McConnell to stop the passage of meaningful legislation for sane, responsible gun regulations; withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord; changed the endangered species policies to put at more risk more than one million species; modified the Environmental Protection Agencies’ policies; pulled away from traditional allies while embracing dictators; withdrew from the Iran Nuclear agreement; endorsed the passage of a tax cut for the wealthy; started a Trade War with China …

Enough! The lessons of Rome are not so far away in time to be forgotten.

Encourage our Idaho senators and representatives in Congress to take the keys away!

Stan Smith


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