On July 1, the first day after pride month and the day after World Pride Day, I opened the newspaper and flipped through, expecting the usual statements on road closures and letters to the editor on climate change. What I did not expect to find was a political cartoon that trivialized and minimized the importance of pride, that completely ignored the meaning of Pride, and that attempted to paint straight Christians as a marginalized group.

As someone who grew up on the Palouse and came out as queer, I’ve experienced my fair share of homophobia, and I found this to be incredibly offensive. The queer community is belittled, discriminated against in housing and jobs in many places, threatened with violence, and in many nations the world over it is still illegal to be gay, sometimes with the consequence of the death penalty.

In America, the queer community fights for equality and understanding. Pride is our way of celebrating our accomplishments while still recognizing those yet to be made. Pride is not an attack on anyone, it is a time for supporting your friends and being proud of who you are. Straight Christians have never experienced these struggles.

They have never been attacked for their sexuality or gender. They’ve never had a doctor turn them away for those reasons. They can be proud anytime, although of what I’m not sure. There was no fight they won, they’ve always been the ones winning. That comic is inaccurate and does not represent anything about pride or the interactions between the queer community and straight people accurately. I sincerely hope whoever allowed this to be published will also publish an apology for once again showing the queer community that people don’t care

Alexandra Akmal


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