Your recent editorial (Our View, Sept. 2) on community policing is is right on. It is the future. But it’s a two-way street. Public citizens must make their concerns evident, but must also be reasonable and educate themselves as to the reality of circumstances, budgets and the law.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry and his people have been doing good work and I think efforts for community policing in Moscow since Chief David Cameron have been on track to educate, inform, and protect our community.

If the public citizen does not like a given law or ordinance, there are options and channels and they should work to change/improve it. Law enforcement is stuck at all levels with enforcing the law without fear or favor and applying it equally to all people. I may not agree with a given legal provision, but that does not excuse me from abiding by it.

Also, costs have changed – what was a simple patrol car decades ago, today is a mobile office and communications center. Twenty years ago, no one had heard of an e-bike or a drug dog. Today they are realities and I applaud Pullman and Moscow law enforcement in their efforts to update and improve their efforts to protect our residents and communities and enforce all the laws – whether I happen to approve of them – or not.

To conclude, you get what you pay for, and the Palouse is blessed with professional and competent law enforcement personnel. Let us hope they will continue their efforts to protect and serve our communities and that we, the citizens, will provide them with the funds and trust to assist them in doing do.

Louise Regelin


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