Inner awareness may be the key to everything you want in life.

It is the key to being Christ-like, of Buddha mind, or living consciously and creating the life you want. How important is that?

The thing is, most people do not understand what inner awareness is, or maybe they do, but don’t remember it every day.

What’s it like to be fully present in the moment in whatever you are doing or not doing? This inner awareness is the key to your awakening.

So what is inner awareness? Whenever I remember there is only one mind, and this same mind is in every one of us, and I consciously use it to be aware of all of me — cells, organs, posture, etc., — at the same time, then I am fully aware of who I am.

That is, when I am talking on the phone, I am also aware of that tiny rubbing spot on my toe, or if my shoulders are up, or any inner sense, then I have brought intellect and body together at the same time and I am whole, without fear, anger, or anything not of God.

In this state of being fully present, all of me, I then spiritualize my body, and healing happens.

I know I am here to shine light on all my blemishes, leaving holes of light for spirit to shine through me.

You see, consciousness, or awareness, is light. And we are called to turn the light on any darkness that may still be lingering in us.

Thus we lighten the dark spots within, letting Divine presence transform us into the peace, abundance, protection and knowledge that we seek.

This is what inner awareness brings. We only have to remember — constantly.

Eleanor Richard


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