The Daily News continues to print unrealistic articles about climate change that address what might happen if the worst-case scenario happened as a result of an unrealistic increase in temperature, typically related to an increase in carbon dioxide.

The most recent example is, “Back-to-back low-snow years ‘highly likely’ for Idaho in 2050s”. The researchers used a worst-case scenario which “predicts that average global temperature will increase almost 9 degrees Fahrenheit” by 2050.

Computer simulations thus far, especially using the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change data, have consistently predicted temperatures significantly higher than those which have actual occurred and the concurrent predictions of catastrophic consequences have far exceeded reality.

None of the dire predictions to date have come true. Most graphs show global temperature rising less than 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 150 years. Yet this snowpack simulation is based on an IPCC worst-case scenario of a global temperature increase of “almost 9 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050” from today.

Based on their total lack of predicting success in the past regarding actual temperatures and events, the headline for this article should read, “highly unlikely.” This is another example of fake news intended to mislead readers into supporting unnecessary actions which would shift huge amounts of power and funds to the UN, to the detriment of almost all countries and economies.

The U.S. has reduced its carbon dioxide output more than any other nation while other nations, especially China and India, continue to build more coal-fired plants and increase significantly their carbon dioxide output. However, there is no clear correlation between actual temperature increases and carbon dioxide increases over the past 20 years.

More research is needed to understand the complex parameters responsible for climate and less fake hype from the media in the meantime would also greatly help to avoid regrettable policies.

Larry Kirkland


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