Pullman is a very special place for many reasons and Pullman Regional Hospital is one of the reasons why. Over the last several years, Pullman has seen a growth in population thanks not only to Washington State University, but, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and the emergence of several tech firms like Digilent, the Meter Group and Metriguard to name but a few. Young people who grew up in Pullman and moved away are returning to raise their families here; WSU students are staying or returning after graduation; and, many seniors no longer choose to spend their retirement years elsewhere.

We must keep up with this growth and continue to provide healthcare options supporting all demographics. This is why I support Proposition 1. I don’t look forward to new taxes, however, in reality, Proposition 1 replaces a tax already in effect, and, because of the growth we are experiencing, the highest this tax will ever be is when it initially goes into effect and will decrease as growth continues.

We are on the cusp of something extraordinary happening with Pullman Regional Hospital. The expansion of the Orthopedic Center of Excellence, implementation of a community-wide electronic medical record becoming a gateway to coordinating many aspects of integrated care, upgraded, state-of-the-art equipment and the partnership with Washington State University in developing a medical residency program housed at PRH will be supported and enhanced with Proposition 1.

Can we afford not to support this effort? Please join me in voting yes on Proposition 1 in November. Your vote secures the future of healthcare in Pullman and makes the Next Era of Excellence a reality rather than a dream.

Pat Wright

President, board of directors,

Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation


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