Most of Terence L. Day’s “His View” column of July 1 is, at the very best, insensitive.

And I do not know that anything is gained from trying to compare Kate Smith with the great Paul Robeson. But I do know that reading the lyrics Mr. Day provided us from the song “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” could be viscerally traumatizing to any and every African-American or African reader of the Daily News .

The song’s title is horrible enough and — apparently contrary to Mr. Day’s understanding — was as absolutely horrible in the 1930s as it is today . It would have sufficed for Mr. Day to state that this song is racist (and offensive beyond measure); I would have believed him. Repeating these lyrics is microaggression, akin to leaving in place Confederate monuments for a supposedly honorable reason, but what they really do is keep on oppressing.

And Mr. Day’s microaggression, in the final analysis, overwhelms any productive point his column could have made.

Miriam Hertz


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