What do you do when you are blocked from something on your path? In Lewis Carroll’s wonderful book, Alice cried, “Impossible!” The Red Queen then replied, “Impossible? I do seven impossible things before breakfast!”

Obstructions do not have the power to stop progress; they are only effects, not causes. It’s the thought that is the barricade. Test this out for yourself.

Once at a ropes course I was given the task of climbing up a tall pine tree whose branches were removed and a one foot circular platform was nailed to the top. In my 50s at the time, my task was to climb and stand on the platform. Impossible! But since the purpose of a ropes course is to show us we are more than we think, I started to climb. And I made it! True, I was well harnessed and enjoyed the jump into space at the conclusion as much as the achievement.

Jesus set the example. If you have read the Aquarian Gospel by Levi, you will remember his initiation tests in Egypt. When bound with chains and placed in a deep pit with wild beasts and unclean things, his task was to get out of the pit, an impossible task for physical bodies.

It was his thought that did it: Who was it that did bind me thus? Why did I meekly sit to be bound with chains? ... None has the power to bind a human soul. And in his might he rose, and what he thought were chains were only worthless cords that parted at (his) touch.

We can change our thinking, opinions, that block our journey. We can change our lives by changing our thinking! I encourage you to mind the mind — always.

Eleanor Richard


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