At 6 p.m. Tuesday, I dropped off a car I had rented at the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport. I went to use the men’s restroom while there. I must say I found the condition of the restroom abhorrent. Pieces of toilet paper were strewn all over the floor. The handicap toilet was apparently clogged and all but overflowing. The handle at the first sink had been broken off, leaving the water running.

I went back to the rental counter and asked if there was a custodian available. The clerk said he did not know but, if there were, they would be in the airport manager’s office. That office was closed. I knocked on it a couple of times. While there was a small message box on the door jam, there was no pen or pencil to leave a note. I really did not want to leave a message considering the urgency of the situation as I saw it.

The evening flight was about to land and I had to wonder what a new arrival would have thought about the airport considering the condition of the restroom. Not only travelers, but other workers there including rental agents, airline staff, and TSA personnel have to use the restroom, too. The substandard condition of the restroom would be considered poor working conditions, and, frankly, could be subject to labor and industry sanctions.

I told my wife about what I had seen. She had used the women’s restroom while waiting for me. She said its condition was not much better.

It seems to me airport management is neglecting its duty to maintain clean restrooms to welcome travelers and to provide a positive work environment for other workers that use the restrooms. Come on, Mr. Bean, do your job.

Wayne Beebe


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