Deceptive journalism has invaded also the realm of political cartoons, wherein it has been clearly indicated that “military style weapons” are, ipso facto, “assault rifles.”

I was not deluded, even as a mere child, into believing that the rifle-style “bee–bee” gun toy that I enjoyed playing with was an assault rifle. I knew immediately that it was functionally quite different from the .22 caliber rifle that a few years later I used to kill squirrels. (Quite tasty, especially the rear haunches). But that was not an assault rifle.

If you do not know the key functional distinction between assault rifles and those which are not assault rifles, consider this: One of those classes of rifle is capable of firing its entire on-board supply of ammo rounds with a single, continued, sustained operation (depression, or “pull”) of its trigger. That one is the assault rifle. Others are not.

Even cartoons can be used to educate, or to deceive. What drives you to attempt deceiving your readers regarding this matter?

Leonard C. Johnson


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