Terence Day’s opinion piece (“His View: Republicans once had integrity” June 3) was just about what we can expect from a spokesperson from the far left.

He says President Trump is a racist. I have never heard the president utter one racist remark. You liberals think because he wants to control who comes into our country he is being racist.

He wants to properly check backgrounds on immigrants to be sure they have no criminal background or they are not murderers or rapists. This isn’t racism, it’s common sense.

I know it’s hard for liberals to fathom common sense because they have so little of it.

Day refers to Trump as a liar in everything he says. Liberals like you think anyone who has an opinion not agreeing with theirs is a liar. None of you have any proof of any lying by the president.

In 2 1/2 years Bob Mueller could find no evidence of collusion and because there was no crime Attorney General William Barr found he could not have been guilty of obstruction.

Adam Schiff has said for 2 years he has proof the president colluded with Russia. Where is his proof? He can’t bring it forward because he is lying. The proof doesn’t exist.

You liberals all say the proof is obvious. Then bring your proof forward.

Your Trump derangement syndrome is showing, Terence, and you can’t prove a word you said.

So in the future, a least be intellectually honest enough to back your charges with some proof.

You have proven one thing. We can never again allow Democrats to hold a majority position in Congress.

You will bankrupt and ruin the country.

Finally, concerning the Trump staffers who were prosecuted, none of them were charged with anything pertaining to collusion with Russia or wrongdoing by the president.

God bless America.

Donald Meyer


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