Ramadan is a holy month in which able-bodied Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset. The purpose of the fast is to focus on one’s spiritual improvement and to attain oneness with God.
A Muslim who observes fasting does not only have to refrain from food and drink, but should also refrain from all vices like losing one’s temper and gossip.
Fasting has many purposes such as compassion and sympathy for the less fortunate. No matter how different we are from each other — we get hungry and thirsty in the same way.
The month of Ramadan teaches us to think of the less fortunate — of the ones who perpetually endure hunger and thirst.
During this month, God encourages us to be more generous and teaches us to help the needy with increased efforts.
So, in these last days of Ramadan, I call on my fellow Americans, regardless of your religious affiliation, to join me in this effort.
Please reach out to your favorite charity, donate to a cause of your choice, and know that with charity you are not only making this world a better place for someone else, but also for yourself as well.
Hidayatullah Ahsan

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