I recently returned from attending my 50-year high school reunion in Anchorage, Alaska. It was truly wonderful to see some of the old, not-so-familiar faces (it was necessary to wear badges with our yearbook pictures). It’s amazing how time and entropy can transmogrify ones physiognomy. (The preceding sentence is supposed to be absolutely hilarious!)

One thing that was not so funny and kind of sobering was the change in the countryside. For instance, the Spruce Bark Beetle has decimated the forests of south central Alaska. I asked my friends and classmates what’s up with that? They were fairly unanimous in suggesting that it’ just another symptom of human caused global warming. There never was a problem, that I remember, with that insect before.

At any rate, 50 years ago, I remember sitting in chemistry class at East Anchorage High School attempting to balance combustion reactions and having a rather “life defining” a priori moment. If we, as a human species continue to burn fossil fuels, we will, in time, change the mixture and proportion of gases that make up Earth’s atmosphere.

The a posteriori “moment” has been these long intervening decades of watching the glaciers melt, the insect damage, and the encroachment of the south central indigenous plants northward to the true arctic.

So it really saddens me to see yet another letter to the editor by Mr. Larry Kirkland (“If A Problem Looms, Tech Likely To Solve It,” Aug. 2, 2019). Again, he denies the reality of Anthropogenic Global Warming. He simply can’t see the beetle infested forest through the dead trees!

Brian Leffingwell


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