May 21 yet another letter ran from Larry Kirkland, complaining about people who disagree with his peculiar views regarding climate change.

Significantly, he wants to educate us about how he thinks science works, but he is unclear on the concept.

The way science works is that someone with ideas/evidence must present their work to experts in the field, and if the peer review works out, voilá — it’s published science. And then serious scientific debate can ensue. Larry is unable to do that because no one in the field would take him seriously, so he does what I am doing and relies on the generosity of the Editorial Board of the Daily News to present his views, which have nothing whatsoever to do with actual climate science. Larry, if you can get your ideas published in a peer-review journal, then you will have actually done science. Until then, you’re just up on your soapbox yelling at us.

Paul Smith


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