I was watching Sean Hannity interview presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and wondering why he and the other Democratic candidates will not answer what the results will be when as de Blasio says “tax the hell out of the rich and the corporations.”

Hannity responded, saying the corporations would pass the taxes on to the consumers. De Blasio argued back. When pushed, his answer was, was it right for the owners and CEOs to make 300 or 400 times what the workers make?

Are there overpaid people in business? Yes, let’s talk about the pro athletes. They get their money on the backs of the fans with outrageous ticket prices, concession prices, memorabilia and stadiums being paid for with taxpayer money.

What will happen if you raise taxes on corporations? The cost will be passed to the consumers, taxpayers and employees.

De Blasio did give a hint on what the left thinks the solution is. Do not let the management make 300 or 400 times what the employees make. This is exactly what they mean when they talk about leveling the playing field. They want social engineering. The only way to reduce the top wages is to regulate what they can make. They are not going to voluntarily take a 200-percent or more pay cut.

When you regulate management’s wages, you have moved to Socialism, Marxism or Communism. The progressives want to give you free health care, free college and pay for the Green Deal. All the money the rich have does not come close to enough money to pay for their plans. That is why you can’t pin them down to specifics.

They just say they will raise taxes on the rich and the corporations. They just hope you are too ignorant to know better or too lazy to do your own research.

Gary Labusohr


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