Green energy

I applaud Sen. Dave Nelson’s effort to provide gasoline cost relief to Idahoans by seeking to temporarily reduce the gasoline tax but this is putting a bandaid on a chainsaw wound absent further action. The escalating gasoline prices, as well as other inflation, was caused by President Biden seeking to shut down the fossil fuel industries, which he has been quite effective at, as well as signing other unwise presidential executive orders.

Fossil fuels are critical to technological progress and to elevate developing nations out of their poverty. China and India know this. That is why they are developing new coal mines, building new coal fired electrical generation plants and acquiring petroleum sources. The United States could shut down all use of fossil fuels and it would not reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels at all. It is impossible for the U.S. to convert to green energy at this time and even the attempt would cause a significant increase in world carbon dioxide levels as well as significant environmental damage from the mining to produce electric vehicle batteries, solar panels, wind turbines and the infrastructure to support these.

I encourage conversion to green energy, but only as green energy becomes competitive. All the supposed disasters are out in the future, based on predictive algorithms that have been consistently wrong by over estimating future temperatures.

Realistic action needs to be taken to change the direction this federal administration is taking the country or things will just continue to get worse. As a country we need to build more nuclear plants and transition to green energy as new technology improves its economic competitiveness, but we must also recognize that fossil fuel is essential to any transition. Starving people care little about the environment and starvation is much more likely to precipitate the next world war.

Larry Kirkland


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