Mr. Bean totally dismisses the point of my complaint regarding the total cleanliness of the restrooms in his response letter (June 5), especially just before the arrival of incoming commercial flights but also for the employees of adjunct business throughout the day.

Considering the condition of the men’s restroom and the reported cleanliness of the women’s restroom, I am amazed everything got cleaned up in 10 minutes.

This is not the first time I have witnessed the problem at the airport.

When I go to a public restroom at many businesses on the Palouse, I will see a sign that says to the effect: “If this restroom’s cleanliness is unsatisfactory, please contact (the management) or call (xxx) xxx-xxxx.” A few businesses will have an alert switch that immediately notifies management of the problem.

Why not at least put up a sign so the general public can know how to contact airport operations when the conditions become bad again? As Mr. Bean reports, when an average of 750 people are using the terminal a day, this will be a continuing problem.

Wayne Beebe


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