Sometimes you may be angry, lonely, in a hurry, or anything that separates you from “others.” That’s hell. The opposite of separation is the awareness of one life, in which we all share equally this wonderful inner sense of being. That’s heaven.

All you have to do is notice your perception of what’s going in front of you. Are those thoughts coming from hell, or can you feel the joy-filled awareness of life as you? The good news is, once you become aware of your heavens and hells, you are able to move in and out of them at will.

I don’t need to describe how to enter hell. Ego does this automatically.

So let’s move to creating heaven, a state of being that brings on peace and a feeling of connection with what you call god, spirit, oneness — whatever.

You’ve all had this experience. Sometimes while gardening or stroking your pet, or being caught up in a sunset. It’s bliss, this being in heaven, even for only a moment.

Now here comes the imagination part. Imagine a white paper rectangle on which you draw a black horizontal line, from one edge to the other. Let’s say the space above the line is where heaven lives; the space below has all the potential of hell.

You might want to challenge yourself in any given moment, to notice which space your thoughts and feelings are coming from.

To chose to get into “heaven space,” You could realize each person is “the soul of the whole” (Emerson) and you are the essence of inner humanity.

Eleanor Richard


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