After reading yet another article about the differing opinions on abortion, I feel compelled to ask the question with the obvious answer: What causes the need for abortions? Pregnancy. Since women are incapable of self-conception, and remembering my anatomy/physiology class, a woman is only half responsible for starting the growth called a Zygote (the fertilized cell before it attaches to the lining of the womb). Hence, she is dependent on the sperm of a male to produce a child.

So going to the source, why don’t we criminalize the sperm producers equally as we do women and abortion doctors?

Most of anti-abortion laws written lately are by middle-aged men (a few women), who apparently know little about the pregnancy process and are making laws that affect women’s bodies and their future lives. We hear the pro-lifers say an abortion emotionally damages a woman for the rest of her life. The women of my acquaintance who, after much soul searching, and have had this procedure, tell me they have no regrets, given their circumstances at the time, nor have they suffered any emotional scars.

To clarify, I am in no way male bashing here. But the fact is that not a word is being said in the media about male involvement. If men were capable of pregnancy we wouldn’t even have this debate.

I gave birth to four sons (and one daughter) and I would not choose to abort a fetus but I totally respect a woman’s right to make that decision. My sons have become creative, productive, sensitive adults as most men are. I am writing this because I think more needs to be said about the role men play in the abortion issue and how that recognition would affect the direction of future laws.

Glenda Hawley


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