Disintegration of family

Crista Worthy (column, Jan. 17) appears to have never read the Bible or is deliberately setting up a straw man to make her arguments against banning or limiting access to offensive books appear more logical. None of the mentions in the Bible of homosexuality, incest, rape, etc., are portrayed in a positive light or described in graphic detail. These incidents are portrayed for what they are, sins by fallen humanity against God. The library/school books being considered for banning access to youth are typically portraying sin as something fun or to be emulated because there may be momentary pleasure involved.

One reason the United States is experiencing numerous problems and divisions is because a portion of the population no longer believe in God or care about the survival of the country. History is replete with the rise of countries which endured for several hundred years and then disappeared because they turned from the values that make a country strong: strong families, strong communities and national unity. In the U.S., the family is disintegrating, there is increasing interpersonal disunity and the putting of personal pleasures before community and national cohesion. Books that teach age inappropriate actions or outright sin accelerate this national breakdown.