All about the ‘mounds’

A recent letter under the heading “Truth does not fare well,” first asks the question: “What is the evidence for massive election fraud?” That’s pretty easy. None.

Our courts and thousands of dedicated American election workers collectively determined that President Biden won conclusively by about 7 million votes. Most Americans are resting easy whether they voted for Trump or Biden. Trump himself continues to fume about fake election irregularities he was conjuring even before the 2016 race he actually won (but not by the popular vote). His nasty attempts to destroy our confidence in a tried, reliable and democratic election system were evident from his unhinged tweets.

Trumps’ invented fury seems to be shared by the irate writer of the recent letter asserting “mounds” of unrevealed evidence of election fraud. With diehard Trump supporters, it’s always these mythical mounds.They have no discernible substance. The last third of the letter is rant about the crucifixion that doesn’t clearly inform his argument. It seems unpatriotic to unnecessarily diminish faith in our election system.

I’ve voted since 1972, when much to my dismay Richard Nixon was elected. Americans accepted the results, and I voted for the loser many times after that. Trump did not win in 2020 and our country is significantly better off without him.I hope for peace and unity next time we go to the polls. It’s what makes America great.

Richard Shafer


Bible is all ‘social justice’

As Passover approaches, I am reminded that the Bible is all about social justice. The Exodus story of the liberation of Hebrews from oppressive slavery has inspired liberation movements down through the ages.

The teachings of the Hebrew prophets, including Jesus, also promote social justice. We are called to feed the hungry, care for the poor, welcome aliens, promote justice, and love our neighbors — everyone — as ourselves.

If the Idaho Freedom Forum wants to silence the call for social justice, it will need to ban the Bible.

Walter Hesford


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