Columnist was not arrested

Dale Courtney’s recent column about tyranny showed that he knows nothing about the subject.

Here’s a simple test, Dale: in tyrannical regimes, columns like yours are not published. If they appear in an underground paper, the author is arrested and imprisoned without trial. Has that happened, Dale? If not, you owe your readers a retraction and you owe Joe Biden a written apology, if you are a man of integrity.

Dale claims that Biden’s impatience shows his dictatorial mindset. Nonsense. Lots of American leaders have felt impatience, largely because our system of government usually works so slowly. Do you think people who wanted to expand the suffrage never felt impatient? Do you think leaders who wanted slavery abolished never felt impatient?

Dale resorts to outright lies in his column. Our economy has not been destroyed; we haven’t been locked in our homes by the government.

Our supply chain hasn’t been shattered, and our educational system hasn’t been destroyed. Try to be truthful, Dale.

He falsely claims that the unvaccinated are only hurting themselves. In a number of states, intensive care units are so choked with coronavirus cases that they have little or no room for other patients. Also, many hospital bills are largely covered by private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and state-local government subsidies for public hospitals. The unvaccinated shift much of their hospital costs to the rest of us.

Dale’s comparisons with other illnesses are foolish. The slowness of the campaigns against some of those other illnesses reflected the difficulties in developing effective vaccines. Would he like to continue the current coronavirus death rates for another 150 years? He apparently doesn’t know that leaders often set partially unrealistic goals in an effort to get people working on a problem. The race to the moon is a good example.

David Nice


Follow facts, not disinformation

Allegations in the “Follow the money“ letter to the editor Sept. 16 cited America’s Frontline Doctors as its source of disinformation. Wikipedia describes that source as “an American right-wing political organization known for spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.” Further, “It has promoted alleged and unapproved treatments for COVID-19, and opposition to COVID-19 vaccines.”

Now, was that so hard to research? Just sayin’. Read this kind of stuff with a healthy skepticism, then check it out yourself.

Pete Haug


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