Abortion is not the answer

I am writing in response to your letter advocating abortion, published in the Jan. 8 issue of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

As a Lutheran Christian, I know life exists from the time of conception. As such, it is precious in the eyes of God, therefore must be equally treasured in the eyes of man. But, that statement rests firmly on my Christian convictions. Let’s look at the subject from a strictly medical viewpoint: Doctors are trained to know that life begins at conception and grows and thrives in the uterine environment for nine months. There are, of course, exceptions to this process.

My niece carried her “preeclampsia” twins to a premature birth, which meant they stayed in prenatal ICU until they reached a predetermined weight. The pregnancy could have been terminated, but my niece chose to see it through. The twins are now beautiful college students, and a blessing to all who know them. Women who “find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy” do not have to abort the baby. The pregnant girl, now become woman, can take the logical, grownup step and see the pregnancy to term. Not to sound too cavalier, there are so many homes for adopted babies out there.

I realize that I sound like I have all the answers for unplanned pregnancies; I don’t. The woman finding herself unwantedly pregnant must take her issue to the Lord in prayer and find a Christian counselor or respected clergyman to help sort out her future. The answer is not abortion.

You will see me and my friends praying to end abortion soon in the upcoming 40 Days for Life vigil — a peaceful prolife demonstration.

God bless.

Alice Brown


A few more Trump wrongs

In his Jan. 8 letter, D’Wayne Hodgins cogently presents three of “Trump’s wrongs.” I would like to present two more.

First, Trump and his administrators have radically reduced the number of refugees, poor immigrants and asylum-seekers allowed into our country. This undermines the moral foundation of America. If this reduction continues, America will be a monster, physically strong, perhaps, but soulless.

Second, Trump and his administrators have rescinded a host of laws protecting our environment. This threatens our earth-home and the homes of our fellow creatures, and robs our children and their children of their inheritance.

Friends, do not let this happen. Call and write to your representatives urging them to work to increase the number of refugees, poor immigrants and asylum-seekers in this country, and to protect our environment, our home. Work to right Trump’s wrongs.

Walter Hesford


Real world full of uncertainty

I lived in Moscow in the early 1990s and used to exchange letters with prolific letter writer Ralph Nielsen. Ralph encouraged people to develop critical thinking about the Bible.

Right on.

Since those days, I have had several experiences which have confirmed to me the existence of God and an afterlife. This of course is personal and subjective. Ralph comes from academia. People who engage in debates with academia need to keep something in mind. The life of an academic is structured. They get their check every two weeks. They get nice benefits and a good retirement. Their classroom environment is organized, consistent and predictable. Good for them.

What they need to realize that the rest of us may have to deal with a reality that is not so richly blessed. These folks have to live in the so-called real world that is filled with uncertainty, inconsistencies and unpredictability. As a method of coping with this reality, some have chosen to rely on a higher power other than their own brains. Good for them, too.

Scott Holland

Tigard, Ore.

A touch of irony, hypocrisy

Reading your recent story covering the swearing in of the new Moscow City Council members reminded me of the preelection swarm of letters appearing on these pages telling voters that if they want maximum inclusivity in our city, voters must avoid supporting (read exclude) candidates who attend a certain church in town.

Remember also the stink raised a couple of years ago by some other folks concerning Christ Church members seeking positions on the board for the Moscow Food Co-op? Am I the only person in Moscow who smells a little bit of irony, perhaps even a touch of hypocrisy, in that perspective?

Full disclosure here: I have never attended a single service at Christ Church nor am I a personal friend of Doug Wilson. But every individual I know who attends that church is a top-notch citizen of our community.

Further, I seriously doubt that any person in our community, irrespective of that individual’s worldview, would be considered persona non grata in Christ Church or any other Bible-believing church in our area. Apparently, however, to many inclusive-minded folks in our town, members of Christ Church are to be excluded from leadership positions.

Bill Tozer


Generosity was on display

I wish to express my thanks to all of the people who stepped up to support homeless prevention and housing programs in this area. Last month the Idaho Home Partnership Foundation conducted the statewide Avenues for Hope fundraising program, as noted in the Jan. 6 edition of the Daily News.

Local residents contributed more than $150,000 for housing programs in this area, including to Family Promise, Sojourners Alliance, Moscow Affordable Housing Trust and Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse. These organizations were among those generating the most support statewide. We are a small community, so donations of this magnitude show how compassionate, empathetic and generous people are in our small community.

Speaking for Sojourners Alliance, the contributions are vital to our ongoing ability to provide services. They will enable us to begin the year on a solid financial basis and plan for long term sustained service to people who are in need of housing and housing assistance. Together, we can build a community where everyone has a home and resources for a quality life. Thank you for your generosity to the homeless.

Dale Gentry

president, Sojourners Alliance Board of Directors, Moscow

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