We need sound decisions

Suggestions by some politicians and other obfuscators that the Lower Snake’s freight transportation corridor is “environmentally sound” stinks like dead fish. Killing off salmon and steelhead runs, once amassed in the millions, in slow-flow, heat-sink reservoirs is not environmentally sound. Burying 140 miles of rich riparian areas, once home to 90,000 songbirds and 120,000 game birds (now disappeared), is not environmentally sound.

Repeatedly dredging the Clearwater-Snake confluence riverbed is not environmentally sound. Paying more rate-and-taxpayer millions to maintain tons of concrete and turbines at four junctures of what once was an amazing free-flowing salmon and steelhead corridor into Idaho’s pristine spawning grounds is not environmentally sound.

Indeed, bucket-feeding more millions into these aged, little-needed dams that have failed to bring promised prosperity to north central Idaho is not economically sound.

The devastating financial losses resulting from the collapse of Snake Basin salmon and steelhead to area businesses — outfitters, restaurants, motels, gas stations, grocery stores, tackle shops — is not economically sound. Nor are losses to State of Idaho sales tax receipts, income taxes and license fees. Nor is producing millions of juvenile salmon and steelhead that result in adult fish returns insufficient even to serve as hatchery broodstock.

Fifty-five professional fish scientists have stated unequivocally: failing to breach these dams will lead to Snake Basin salmon and steelhead extinctions.

In expensive, extensive, research-based documents, the Army Corps of Engineers has twice stated that one action holds the highest probability of recovering Snake Basin salmon and steelhead: breaching the dams.

Borg Hendrickson


God and man

I agree completely with Steve McGehee in the first part of his July 16 column. Sadly there have been many who claim to be Christians, who have done horrible things while not living according to the Bible, the word of God, they claim to believe. Steve is also right on in saying, “If the Bible is indeed the inspired word of God, that is the book in its entirety. … If the Bible is not the inspired word of God and it’s up to our puny knowledge to choose what to believe and what not to believe, then what becomes of divine inspiration?”

However, after that Steve went off the rails and did not follow his above admonition. The awesome God, who created this amazing universe including the just-so Earth we live on, created humans to live in a love relationship with him. Adam and Eve chose instead to believe Satan’s lie and rebel against God, that is, to do evil. God is perfect and cannot have a love relationship with those living in sin or rebellion against him. The rest of the Bible reveals the increasing revelation of God reaching out to rebellious humans. God, who is outside of time, reveals hundreds of prophecies foretelling what he will do to restore humans to the love relationship he originally intended.

The fulfillment of these prophecies clearly reveals that he alone is God and also his desire for a love relationship with each person. However, to have a genuine love relationship, each person must choose to enter into that relationship. Today we do that through inviting Jesus, the perfect man, God the son, to be our lord and savior. As a Christian I delight to serve God, not to earn anything but because I am grateful and experience joy in his love.

Larry Kirkland


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