The selfish vote

President Trump has delivered. He has created the greatest economy in the world, in part by bringing back manufacturing jobs that Obama claimed were never coming back.

President Trump championed criminal justice and prison reform that has only been lip-serviced by Democrats for decades.

There is more prosperity for Americans under Trump’s leadership, including record numbers of minorities from all backgrounds, proudly taking home a paycheck and supporting their families than in any time in American history.

In one week alone, Trump has been nominated twice for the Nobel peace prize for his brokering of peace between Israel the UAE and Bahrain as well as the Serbia/Kosovo deal.

The president has the backing and support of all of the nation’s law enforcement agencies. The list of Trump’s achievements and promises kept is incomparable to any politician in modern U.S. history.

What do you have from the left? Anarchy and destruction. Pandered to, overlooked or encouraged by liberal leadership.

Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Washington DC and many others, plagued by violence and unrest. All cities run by Democrats in states run by Democrats.

The media is complicit with their attempts to mischaracterize Trump, covering up what is happening in and to our country and naive or ignorant liberals continue to spread the same disproven allegations and hyperbole about the president in letters to newspaper editors.

Who are you going to believe, a dishonest media or your own eyes? This is Joe Biden’s America.

Voting for Biden will allow the socialist left to destroy and erase the historic gains, improvements and prosperity all Americans from every walk of life and background have received under President Trump.

Frankly, the way I see it, voting for Biden is essentially a selfish act.

Joe Long


We can do something

Unprecedented fires. Apocalyptic smoke. Twenty pounds of carbon dioxide dumped in the air with every gallon of fuel you burn in your vehicle. Your average gas vehicle (25 mpg) dumps 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide in the air every year (driven 13,500 miles per year). The average electric vehicle dumps the equivalent of 1.35 tons of carbon dioxide in the air every year — driven the same distance in the Pacific Northwest (Union of Concerned Scientists). The average person walking or biking produces an insignificant amount of carbon dioxide in comparison. Give it some thought. With no action it will only get worse. Yes, we/you can do something about this.

Al Poplawsky


How many times?

How many times do you allow a person to lie to you before you realize they don’t have your best interests at heart?

Debbie McNeil


New voice for our time

Are you as eager for new conversations in Boise as I am? If so, I urge you to join me in voting for Renee Love, who is running for Idaho House Seat 5B.

Renee did not aspire to be a politician. She is running for office because she believes it is her civic duty to give voice to the problems impacting so many Idahoans today: affordable housing, accessible medical care, opportunities for education/training and a living wage.

As a geology instructor at the University of Idaho, with experience working for ExxonMobile and the Idaho Geological Survey, and as the owner of a small business, Renee has developed a researched, fact-based approach to problem solving. She is as interested in hearing constituent concerns and ideas as she is in discussing her own concerns and priorities. She knows that to represent the voters of this district, she must be willing to listen, to have genuine conversations with people.

Renee will take that same approach to the legislature. She will work to change the conversation in Boise to address the real needs of our citizens and our state. Rather than provide solutions to improve the lives of Idahoans, our legislators passed laws to restrict voter-approved Medicaid Expansion and to limit Idahoans civil rights — laws thrown out when challenged in court. They rejected previously approved education standards that were years in discussion. Our Republican legislators are wasting our time and money. It’s time to change the balance in the legislature so that new voices are heard.

I urge you to go to Renee’s website to learn more. The options for solutions she proposes are simply common sense.

Renee Love will represent District 5 with a willingness to engage in civil discourse with her fellow legislators to arrive at reasonable solutions to real problems.

Gretchen Wissner


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