Misinformation continues to flow from the pens of local conservatives. Let’s start with Timothy Moore. In his Jan. 11 letter, he claims that it was the COVID-19 vaccine that caused Buffalo Bill’s Damar Hamlin to collapse on the football field.

Moore says that he has “sources,” but I suspect that they are the conspiratorial OANN, Newsmax or most likely Tucker Carlson. Carlson cites a study that The Associated Press found to include “medical emergencies of people all over the world, including some whose deaths were attributed to conditions other than cardiac arrest, such as cancer.”

The response from the medical community has been swift: There is no connection between the vaccine and the heart condition myocarditis. In fact, there is a miniscule chance of either being deadly, but a person is 7-10 times more likely to die of myocarditis by having COVID-19 than by taking the vaccine.

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