God offers hope

Several recent articles and surveys indicate despair and a loss of hope by many people in this country, especially in the younger generation. Complicated by fears that arose concerning COVID-19 and climate change propaganda, many who do not know God are despairing and living without hope. We all need hope to enjoy life and especially to face death. God is the ultimate source of hope. Any belief system without God provides no purpose or certainty and ultimately no hope. Apart from God, there is no morality for this life or hope for anything beyond this life.

The Bible, God’s Word, assures us of hope in this life and the certainty of eternal life after death if we have a personal relationship to God through the salvation offered by Jesus dying in our place for sin. This nation was founded on a belief in God and his word. Since the 1960s there has been an increasing rebellion against God, kicking him out of the schools and seeking to force him out of public life. We are reaping the consequences of these actions as God withdraws his hand of blessing. The increase in moral and social corruption, in crime, in natural disasters, in shootings, in drug use and more are the consequences of what we as a nation have sown by turning away from God.