Thankful for support

On behalf of the Latah Recovery Center, I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all the residents of Latah County for your continued support. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone and frankly, I was very concerned that our annual fundraising breakfast and dessert wouldn’t be able to happen this year given the current challenges. However, that was not the case, and the two events raised over $40,000 in community donations, which is more than we could have ever hoped for.

A special thank you goes out to Optum: Idaho and Gritman Medical Center as leading donors, but we could not have done it without the donations received from hundreds of your generous supporters. The funds raised will go a long way towards helping us in our mission to provide free behavioral health support groups, coaching, counseling, rural and University of Idaho outreach and crisis services.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support. It is truly appreciated.

Greg Mann

President, LatahRecovery Center


My hat is off

On March 4, my wife and I went to get our first COVID-19 Vaccine shot at the Gritman vaccine clinic on the University of Idaho campus.

My wife and I arrived at the designated parking lot for the clinic at the student recreation center. We were met by two UI ROTC students who noted that my wife was in a wheelchair. They had me pull next to a wheelchair van which took us to the building where we were met by another ROTC student that helped us from the van into the building.

Inside the building we registered with the first person (to make sure we were eligible and old enough), then we went to the second person who took down all necessary information. Then to the table for the vaccination shot. No pain, no problems. We were given an appointment for our second shot and given a note with the time we could leave the building.

They wanted us to stay for 15 minutes to make sure there were no reactions to the vaccine. A gentleman from Gritman came to talk with us and noted the time we were leaving. A few minutes before we left, the gentlemen signaled to the ROTC student for the wheelchair van to arrive at the building. Our time came to leave, and the ROTC student helped us out of the building and into the van. The van took us back to our vehicle and we came home.

I was very pleased and impressed in the way it was programmed and handled. My hat is off to Gritman Medical Center for an enjoyable experience. And to Connie at Gritman for getting us registered.

Barry Chesnut


Fewer human ‘factories’

I’ve recently heard comments from several people that, although they were eligible to be vaccinated for COVID-19, they were waiting because they weren’t sure, they wanted more data, they were young and healthy so weren’t at much risk, their immune system was robust, that it was just another virus and there shouldn’t be so much fuss, etc.

I would encourage those who are putting off or avoiding the vaccination altogether to consider the problem of “variants.” These occur as a common mutating process when the virus is being replicated in the host. Most are of little consequence and probably many cripple the virus, but there are those few that enhance the ability of the virus to spread and, perhaps, to avoid the vaccine and any previous immunity. These variants are created randomly. Like any random event, the more opportunities, the more chance that it will occur. To my point, if everyone who is eligible gets the vaccine, there will be fewer human “factories” that are turning out copies of the virus and the chance of a “factory” turning out a variant that could restart this whole mess goes down. If you are eligible, get the vaccine. For all of us.

John Bolles


The ignorant ‘conservative’

Ah, the ridiculousness of another ignorant “conservative.”

Idaho Republican jerk Rep. Mike Kingsley of Lewiston uttered something so ignorant, even the Donald cannot attain this level of stupidity. Kingsley said in front of the entire statehouse, “I’ve never had a poor person give me a job.”

Hey, Mikey, come election time, your arse is gone. And, after your Republican baggage and you are sent packing, I hope you can’t find a job, even from someone rich.

Jim Roach


Thinking about a trillion

Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, educators tried to get me to imagine what a “million” of anything would look like. I do not think I ever grasped the concept of a “million” until I was fishing on the Madison River one spring during a major insect hatch. There was a river back eddy and the insects gathered in this section of river and were soon stacked over a foot thick … and I realized that I was looking at over a million insects.

Then in the 80s and 90s, astronomers like Carl Sagan would try to expand my imagination by looking at the stars and talking about “billions” stars. When camping on a summer night, I would lie on my back and look at the Milky Way Galaxy and try to imagine a billion … and somewhere in the corners of my conscience my mind would try wrap around a vague concept and “maybe” I could imagine a billion.

Now, the U.S. federal government is spending “trillions” dollars. Try as I might, I cannot wrap my mind around a “trillion.” Perhaps, I’m just too narrow minded in my age?

Chris Tennant


We all deserve health, safety

Another week, another article (“Ban on mask mandates … ,” March 16) on how the government of Idaho is showing blatant disregard for the safety and health of this state’s citizens.

I had the distinct joy of moving away from Idaho in 2019, when I started my master’s degree in Denver, and I lived there up until March of 2020 when I had to move back home, to Moscow, for financial reasons. I have not enjoyed my time back in Idaho.

The Legislature has made it quite clear that they not only want to strip Idaho citizens of political power, but they also do not care about the lives of those same citizens. Is it so hard for these politicians to remember that we are all human? That we all deserve health and safety?

Nowadays, it is often looking that way.

Victoria Kerr


Answers to questions

This is in answer to letter writer Glenn Richey’s questions:

1. Yes, I support the cancellation of the XL Keystone project.

2. I support revised, humane, immigration laws.

3. Who was it that tried to cancel the results of the November elections, tried to cancel the counting of the electoral votes, and is trying to cancel future free and fair elections?

4. Masks do protect the vulnerable.

5. I think our definitions of equal and constitutional election laws are different.

6. You need to check your claim, Glenn. Most of the aid money going to states on a per-capita basis will be going to Republican states.

7. You also seem to forget why the fencing went up around the capitol in the first place, Glenn.

Unfortunately, due to the malfeasance of the previous administration, it will take time to get to a new normal. But I do look forward to a more free and just nation.

Wayne H. Beebe


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