Treatment of refugees

It is good for a person to take the time to “turn over in one’s mind” situations of which will confront you; so I’m sitting here with my morning cup of coffee, looking out my living room window across the Palouse doing just that.

I hear that President Biden (the rubber stamp for the Swamp), is considering shipping refugees from the southern border to the United States northern border.

My take on this is that they are planning to “plant a cancer” of humanity right in the middle of the most peaceful communities in the nation. Throw the balance of employment out of whack, and wantonly destroy our rural communities.

The local communities, counties and sheriff should kindly take these folks to the nearest fairgrounds, or community center and let them clean up. Feed them a very nice dinner and immediately (with a head count) pay for a nice bus to the capitals of Washington and/or Oregon at community expense/investment (pass the hat if needed).

I am a cancer survivor, and I can tell you that if you have cancer, you take care of it on the front end — or if left to fester — it will kill you, and your community.

Wayne L. Olson


Spreading ‘nonsense’

Scotty Anderson’s recent editorial contains a glaring factual error. He falsely claims that “ ... less than half of Americans pay taxes.” Right-wing types have been spreading that nonsense for quite a few years now. In reality, fewer than half of all Americans pay federal personal income taxes, but most of the people who don’t pay them pay a host of other taxes, such as federal payroll taxes, federal taxes on motor fuels and a host of state and local taxes. Moreover, many people pay numerous fees and charges to various federal, state and local government agencies.

David Nice


Watering the golf course

Mr. Steve Robinson, technical adviser to the Palouse Basin Groundwater Management Plan: The amount of water used in 2020 would be even lower if WSU would not be using water from the aquifer to water the 18-hole golf course. When the nine holes were added to the existing holes, WSU claimed they would use gray water. Instead they are watering with Pullman and Moscow’s drinking water.

Is this a responsible act?

Janet L. Maguire


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