Moscow and the moose

Last Tuesday morning, over my cottage cheese and blueberries, I meandered through the Daily News and found myself absorbed in the Moscow Police report section of the paper. Why, I don’t know why, as my four teenage children are now grown up and off my balance sheet. But I noticed something mildly disturbing. There were a half-dozen moose sightings over the course of a few days!

While that herd of three has visited my yard and munched on my yews more than once during their current visit to Moscow, I realized that they’ve been a nuisance to many of my neighbors and even made their way to the attention of the MPD. So sad. I commented to my much-better-half that someone should “harvest” those three, save my bushes from further pruning, relieve the MPD from such nuisances and generate fresh meat for the food banks. I was immediately reproached for having such fantasies about a mother and her two calves. On balance, I guess there are worse places to live.

Terry Morin


About dual citizenship

My wife, Ruth, recently received a membership renewal request from the Democrat Party. Neither of us are Democrats. I renounced my membership in the Republican Party years and years ago. We both consider ourselves Independents, but we have been voting for Democrats for quite a while.

So how did Ruth get Democrat Member #128246239 and a request to renew? Apparently because we made a campaign donation in Ruth’s name during the 2020 Presidential election.

Not everyone who donates to a party wants to be a member of it. Indeed, many people donate to both Democrats and Republicans. Does that give them dual political citizenship?

The process is bogus.

Terence L. Day


Again, a lot of zeros

I would like to request that the Daily News reprint Scotty Anderson’s column reviewing the $1,900,000,000,000 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed into law Dec. 22, 2017, by the previous occupant of the White House.

I’m certain that Scotty pointed out how 90 percent, or $1,710,000,000,000, went to the top 5 percent of individual taxpayers and to corporations. And that the corporations used this windfall to buy back their stock instead of rewarding their workers with higher salaries (good old trickle-down economics).

It always amazes me how Scotty and the Republicans in Congress are never concerned about the debt and deficit when a president of their own party proposes a massive spending bill.

Michael L Lowery


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