Fear socialism, not climate

I agree with Pete Haug that the environment is important and needs to be cared for. However, Pete and others are being deceived by the continual stream of fake news and are misconstruing science supposedly supporting drastic action against hypothetical runaway global warming or climate change coming sometime in the future.

Pete claims his stance is supported by science but it is almost entirely based on the huge “IF” the worst case scenario actually occurs. Alarmists have been predicting environmental disasters for the last 70 years. Most related to global warming. None of these disaster predictions have come true. Yes, there has been a gradual warming since the last ice age but the disaster predictions dealing with temperature increases, sea level increases, loss of glaciers and ice sheets, disappearance of the polar bears and more have not occurred.

The slight parts per million increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been good for plant growth and greening of the planet. Far more people die from a cooling climate than a warming one. Weather events that the media blow way out of proportion are not outside the normally expected.

The “really big one” that Pete and all of us should be working to stop is the United States becoming a totalitarian socialist nation within the next few years. We are moving in that direction with increasing speed. Once we have turned the corner from democracy, getting back will likely require much prayer and the intervention of God.

The hypothetical consequences of possible global warming will no longer even be significant compared to the more pressing problems of living under socialism.

The soaring, out of control debt and the radical legislation now in congressional hoppers are greasing the skids for a rapid transition from democracy to socialism and likely global government.

Larry Kirkland


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