You can’t blame it all on the ‘lefties,’ whoever they are

Scotty Anderson’s recent column intrigued me. He is very angry with “the left” and “lefties,” yet he doesn’t say who they are. His column implies that they think and feel exactly the same way and he is certain he knows exactly how they think and feel. He presents no evidence.

He complains the left takes Trump’s comments out of context, but the truth is Trump routinely says and tweets things that are not true. Three different fact-checking organizations found that; the most cautious one found approximately 5,000 falsehoods.

He complains that lefties will unfriend you if you disagree with them on social media sites. To me, that is not much of a hardship.

Anderson also ignores similar conduct by “righties” and “the right.” They hurled verbal brickbats at Barack Obama, including the birther movement, one of the dumbest conspiracy theories in our nation’s history. Anyone familiar with the presidential selection process knew immediately that the theory was nonsense yet many people believed it. Trump promoted the theory for about five years. President Clinton was the target of many brickbats during his presidency as well.

The fact is, our parties have become increasingly polarized since the 1960s. Both parties have contributed to the polarization, which has been the work of many people. Blaming it all on the lefties is patently false.

Near the end of his column, Anderson reveals that he knows very little about gender identity issues. He should try to learn about the matter before classifying it as a world of make-believe.

David Nice


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