I can’t take it anymore

Washington state is dealing with a full-blown crisis with the coronavirus.

You would think that the president of the United States would be supportive of officials of a state dealing with this quickly developing crisis — one that could quickly spread nationwide. Not Donald Trump.

As he dispatched Vice President Mike Pence to visit the state last week, Trump instructed Pence explicitly not to praise the governor for his efforts to deal with the crisis. Here is Trump’s quote “I told Mike (Pence) not to be complimentary of that governor because that governor is a snake.” The President called the governor a “snake”? Wow, that’s being supportive ­— not.

Meanwhile, on Friday Trump stopped in Tennessee to visit victims of the deadly tornadoes that killed 24 people. Trump was wearing a MAGA hat during the visit of these storm-ravaged towns. He sees the visit as a campaign stop — wearing campaign paraphernalia. Really?

He’s campaigning in the midst of people who have lost family members and their homes. How much more of this idiot can we take? Members of Trump’s “base,” wake up and look at what this guy is saying and doing. It’s absurd. We really have to say this is enough, this is not normal.

Bill Christopher


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