Has ‘cure’ produced more disease than it prevented

I am suspicious that those who would use our health to make themselves rich have been with us for at least millennia. In our country the establishment of a “health care” monopoly took a primary step with the 1910 Flexner report. In 1980 the Bayh-Dole Act allowed publicly funded research to be patented by private individuals. So now “public health” greatly translates into “private wealth.”

Conflict of interest has so invaded us that now we are faced with the COVID-19 virus without good health care. Rather we have only our own outrageously for-profit disease management to deal with the situation.

Those who would sell us “a shot” or “a pill” or a “medical procedure” or a “medical appliance” have, in my opinion, specifically repressed the knowledge of how to take care of and strengthen ourselves. This is simply because the sicker we are the more money they make.

I have come to believe that good health springs forth from a well-managed compassionate outlook, nutrient sufficiency and proper stress management.

So I will be doing a lot of “take out” to help our local restaurateurs. I will push for care of the poor and those now made poor by this current “disease management.” I will certainly wonder if the stresses caused by “the cure” have produced more disease than it prevented.

I will also strive to eat my three cups of three kinds of veggies a day (thank you Terry Wahls). I will do my best to stay away from toxicants. I will better develop my in-home exercise plan and daily constitutional walk. I will also continue to apply my $200-a-month personal supplementation regimen.

So if I deal with COVID-19 I hope that my natural response developed exosomes will bless my neighbors.

Tod Merley


Thanks to local officials for acting on the threat

Many, many thanks to the Latah County Commissioners and the mayor and Moscow City Council for taking action to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus in our community.

They took the initiative when there was no state action.

Also, thank you to Sen. David Nelson, who had the courage and common sense to leave this session of the Idaho Legislature early when it became apparent that staying in session was a danger to himself and others in the Capitol.

If individuals and local government officials wait on Idaho or the federal government to act, it will be too late to level the curve and stop the spread of this fast spreading and lethal virus.

Thanks to our local officials for recognizing the danger this pandemic poses to us all.

Linda Pike


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