Coverage of Pullman campaign appreciated

I was very happy to see such nice Daily News coverage Feb. 27 of the peaceful and prayerful 40 Days for Life campaign in Pullman. Front page. I loved the picture of Betsy Johnson holding her sign. The article was well-written.

Gladys Rice


Goesling, Troy prove anything but moderate

Many Latah County voters continue to support their elected representatives to the Idaho House, Bill Goesling and Caroline Troy, in the belief that Goesling and Troy are the kind of moderate Republicans who have long done well in this swing district. But their voting records show that both legislators are more willing to encourage an increasingly right-wing GOP caucus than to moderate it.

The latest example is the House’s recent assault on Planned Parenthood, in which Goesling and Troy were part of the 52-17 majority. In the name of restricting abortion, that majority voted to deny Medicaid funding to any organization providing the legal procedure, even though no public money finances any abortion by anyone.

It’s bad enough that this bill seeks to deprive women of the many services Planned Parenthood provides other than termination of unwanted pregnancies — most of its services, in other words. But legislators were told before they voted that it won’t even do that. Under federal Medicaid law, patients must remain free to choose among all qualified providers, reported Brian Kane of the state attorney general’s office.

In other words, House members have chosen to pass yet another measure that won’t make it past the first courthouse where it is challenged. But don’t worry, says sponsor Bryan Zollinger of Idaho Falls: It can then serve as a test case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

By agreeing to add this foolishness to the long list of futile laws on which Idaho tax dollars have been wasted, Goesling and Troy reveal themselves to be anything but moderate.

Jim Fisher


Thoughts on Tuesday, and the vote ahead

Some will attribute Elizabeth Warren’s Super Tuesday drubbing to misogyny, her blackout by media and virulent hatred for her intelligence. That’s true. But there’s more going on.

Many black voters who chose Biden don’t love Biden; they fear that, at the 11th hour in November white voters will refuse to support either a qualified woman or a true progressive.

Many black voters recognize all too well that they cannot rely on older white women (like me) to actually vote for Bernie. And too many Bernie progressives are a petty, childish clan who will take their ball and stomp off the playground if folks won’t play their game. In droves, they didn’t turn out to vote in 2016. Some, apparently wanting any big change, cast ballots for the crazy orange man. We’re all suffering the consequences.

Don’t misunderstand. I caucused for Bernie in 2016. And I am not a Biden fan. I fear he is no longer fully compos mentis. I believe he is the least of this swath of Dem candidates. But, pragmatically, he knows the system, plays it well and probably can beat DT if white progressives will swallow their unbridled optimism and utopian dreams.

I stand fully with those black voters who Tuesday said resoundingly, “We want to elect the Dem candidate who will win!” Full stop.

Please get out and vote for your Dem candidate of choice. But when the nominee is selected, vote for the damn nominee so we can end this disastrous administration. Please.

Susan Dente Ross


When does the littlest one get a vote?

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members.” It is a very popular quote and is also used to advocate for underrepresented populations such as foster children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities and the homeless.

Sometime very shortly after sperm enters the egg the resulting DNA is an absolutely distinct human life in process. She or he is also a representative of the absolutely weakest form of human life.

Three or four days later they usually have found a home. If removed from their home they die. I must tell you that I absolutely love and deeply respect the League of Women Voters and Bobbie Ryder. And I have hope in my heart that I can have questions about their stands knowing that even past presidential couples have disagreed concerning this issue.

But I do have questions. There is the woman, there is the man, there is society, and there is a unique human life in process. One of my basic questions is simply “when does the littlest one in this picture get a vote?”

Tod Merley


Fill out your census and apply for part-time work

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that encourages voters to be active participants in our nation’s democracy. From March 12-20 this year, every household will receive by mail a notice of the census that will provide information for responding online, by phone or by mail. Census data is used to make decisions about education, healthcare, infrastructure and political representation. A thorough and correct census, as required by our Constitution, is essential.

We have two important, local needs. The first is for households to respond to the census, and we ask that you please do so.

The second is that Whitman County has a critical shortage of census workers. The work is short-term and pays well. Please consider applying as a community service as well as income opportunity. To apply visit or call 1-855-562-2020.

Bobbie Ryder


Speak out against logging Kelly Creek, Cayuse Creek

For those of you who love to fish, hike and enjoy nature, please contact the U.S. Forest Service and tell them not to move forward with the East Saddle Integrated Restoration Project. It would log 400-acres near the Toboggan Ridge Road and treat 3,500 acres in the area with prescribed burning.

Cayuse Creek and Kelly Creek drainages, both excellent cold water habitat for bull trout and west-slope cutthroat, and Moose Mountain Roadless area, known for its wild lands and elk composition, would all be impacted by logging and road construction. The proposal calls for a positive economic impact to the region even though the logs would most likely go to mills in Montana rather than Idaho.

Please send your comments by March 16 to: Ann Boykin, North Fork Ranger District, 12740 HWY 12, Orofino, Idaho 83544 or email comments-northern-clearwater-

Fred W. Rabe


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