Moscow leading the fight

Despite it being such a trying and anxious time for us all, it’s heartening to see that the people living in Moscow have kept their kindness and optimism.

Facebook and other types of social media are overflowing with it; setting up food pantries, organizing to help those in need, encouraging support of local business in this hard economic time, and supporting those at high risk by minimizing the time they may need to spend in public.

And it’s not limited to the internet; the people writing encouraging and uplifting notes to everyone in chalk on sidewalks and walking paths bring a welcome bit of sunshine and joy to me and, I am sure, to others.

Thank you, Moscow, for fighting this together.

Victoria Kerr


Facts vs. hysteria

All right, folks, let’s all take a breather and look at a few facts, shall we? First, let’s see what the CDC experts say concerning the seasonal flu for 2019.

Since the flu is not a “reportable” illness, its effects must be estimated. The CDC estimates that there were 80,000 deaths from the seasonal flu in 2019, in the U.S. alone, making last year the worst year for that since 1976.

Yet, yesterday, there were a total of 552 deaths in the U.S. due to COVID-19, and 16,500 in the entire world. So, last year, were all bars, restaurants, schools closed due to the flu? Were we all in a state of total panic? Were we all practicing “social distancing”? Was the entire U.S. and local economy brought to a near complete halt? During the SARS epidemic? The Swine Flu? Legionair’s disease? Of course not.

We simply practiced the common necessary means to keep ourselves and our environment clean and did the best we could not to spread any illness we might catch. We have been told, repeatedly, that over 80 percent of those who get COVID-19 experience “minor” symptoms and almost all recover from it. This present series of “protections’’ being imposed on us is a vast overreaction to what we have managed just fine for years.

At the present time, Moscow must be cleaner than it has been in a century, what with all the paper towels, disinfecting cleaners, napkins (everyone used their sleeves before this), Clorox, rubbing alcohol, etc. suddenly gone from store shelves … not to mention toilet paper. What did you use before this? Corn cobs? Ye gods, people, let’s lighten up, use what common sense we still have, calm down, view the facts versus the hype and all get back to work.

Kenneth Gordon


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